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MonkeyBizNizUK have company logos currently in use worldwide.  

We work with you to create just what you want... 

Working from a short brief or description of the services your company will be providing and preferred colour scheme we come up with a few initial ideas. Once you like a certain concept we work with you to improve it... we can make as many changes as you like. We can try anything you wish.

When complete, your logo will come to you in its original vector format for future graphic design use, and also in size, type, and colour variants for use on the web and in print.

We pride ourselves at MonkeyBizNizUK in understanding the difference between web and print design, digital and lithographic printing, so we know how to design something to fit your needs. 

If you have an old blurry logo we can remake it for you, and give it back to you as a nice clean sharp image.

We can also create vector images from your pixel or jpgs, just drop us a note and we will take a look.